Sunday, May 02, 2010

The honeyp0t I like the most !

Been using nepenthes for quite some time . Loved it , hated it for various reasons. Reasons being :
 - got me a working honeypot
 - got me lots of pests ( he he he silly me )
 - got me logs and trends ( oh ya I did the parsing of text logs with geo sync and ports)

Dionaea , one of the most successful projects  of 2009 GSoC , created by Markus Koetter .Installation is a breeze if you follow the README , took me 20 minutes on a Ubuntu Karmic system . Well I've been using custom scripts for the logs summary for nepenthes and with dionaea now taking over from nepenthes (which is static as of now ) the sqlite DB , which is highly useful for getting meaningful reports of course with proper help and support from the DEV team .I will post my reports of Dionaea logs in a post later .

Cheers and kudos to the team and of course my heart felt thanks to Markus , Honeynet Alliance & team for their support in making this tool an effective one.

Long way to go .. yet we have reached quite a number of remarkable number of milestones .

Dionaea your my fave now ... keep up your spirits high !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fraud Fighting and "Bobbear"

With so much news coverage on Register, slashdot about the article by Kreb over here, it is really interesting to feel the impact of losing such a talented and helping internet Samaritan .

Wild guesses on slashdot still reveals that no one has taken over his throne and it is still waiting for someone to occupy .

Adding to that "Bobbear" has also experienced DDOS few times , which also makes us wonder that if a single individual at the age of 65 can make this big a difference the community at large along with the large pool of highly talented professionals in the field of Information Security and related sciences can create the awareness amongst the common and regular internet users and minimize such criminal activity in internet 

Phishing and money laundering.. mmm something to think about . Wonders on where is the next Samaritan to take over the reign ! Wishing him the best in advance .

Be aware ! Stay Secure !