Sunday, May 02, 2010

The honeyp0t I like the most !

Been using nepenthes for quite some time . Loved it , hated it for various reasons. Reasons being :
 - got me a working honeypot
 - got me lots of pests ( he he he silly me )
 - got me logs and trends ( oh ya I did the parsing of text logs with geo sync and ports)

Dionaea , one of the most successful projects  of 2009 GSoC , created by Markus Koetter .Installation is a breeze if you follow the README , took me 20 minutes on a Ubuntu Karmic system . Well I've been using custom scripts for the logs summary for nepenthes and with dionaea now taking over from nepenthes (which is static as of now ) the sqlite DB , which is highly useful for getting meaningful reports of course with proper help and support from the DEV team .I will post my reports of Dionaea logs in a post later .

Cheers and kudos to the team and of course my heart felt thanks to Markus , Honeynet Alliance & team for their support in making this tool an effective one.

Long way to go .. yet we have reached quite a number of remarkable number of milestones .

Dionaea your my fave now ... keep up your spirits high !

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